Ronti Saddle

A saddle Between 2 Grand Mountains

Ronti Saddle

Ronti Saddle - a saddle between the 2 grand mountains stand at 5200 meters and offers you enough challenge to reach it. However, on reaching there, you may decide which of the 2 mountains to touch !!

Grand views of Nanda Ghungti(6309m), Trisul I (7120m), II (6690m), III (6007m).

The mystery and history of the Skeletal Lake - Roopkund. Its a small circular high altitude glacial lake surrounded by snow on most part of the year. The lake is surrounded by human bones which reveals itself mostly when the snow cover is lesser.

The best bugiyals or meadows of the Himalayas - Bedni Bugiyal and Ali Bugiyal.

Sheela Samudra - the glacier of Mt Trishul. A glacier full of tarns and boulders. Witnessing avalanche is a normal thing here opposite to your camp in the glacier.

Homkund is another high altitude glacial lake just below Mt. Nandaghungti and Ronti Saddle.

Keeda Jadi or Yartsa Gumba and its crazy drive amongst the locals during June, July.

The lovely villages of Sutol and Sitel and beautiful campsites and remoteness of the trail.

Ronti Saddle Trek

Brief Itinerary

Region :- Uttarakhand
Duration :- 09 Days
Grade :- Moderate to Difficult
Max Altitude :- 17,388 Ft.

Day 1: Lohajung to Ghaeroli Patal via Wan
Day 2: Ghaeroli Patal to Bedni Bugyal
Day 3: Bedni Bugiyal - Baghuabasa
Day 4: Baghuabasa - Roopkund- Junairagali pass - Sheela Samudra
Day 5: Sheela Samudra - Dodang
Day 6: Dodang - Homekund - Ronti Saddle - Dodang
Day 7: Dodang - Chandaniya Ghat - Latakhopri
Day 8: Lata Khopri - Sutol
Day 9: Sutol - Sitel - Ghat

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1: Lohajung to Ghaeroli Patal via Wan

(5 - 5½ hrs)

Start the day with an hour’s drive to Wan. The initial trail is cemented and through a cluster of houses. It's half an hour's ascent and then a short descent to the gurgling Neel Ganga.
The bridge on Neel Ganga is an idyllic location to take a breather. Trees overhang the river and the water trips and falls over boulders in the shade. The water here is cool and refreshing.
From here begins the beautiful ascent to the first camp site, Geroli Patal.
The trail now winds through Oak and Rhododendron forests and the path is strewn with dry leaves that crunch and crackle beneath your trekking shoes.
This is a trek of about an hour and halfa that brings you to a clearing with a green trekker's hut. This is Ghaeroli Patal.

Day 2: Ghaeroli Patal to Bedni Bugyal

(2 - 3 hrs)

The trail begins to climb steeply into the Oak and Rhododendron forest. And after half an hour of ascneding stoned steps the trail opens up to a huge meadow. Take the trail to right that will take you to Ali Bugyal.
All tiredness forgotten, soak in the mesmerising sight of the undulating meadows of Ali Bugyal. You are on the top of a ridge that spreads in every direction -- acres and acres of green meadow scooped out of the mountainside.
Clouds drift in from below, glide over the ridge and slide down the either side, all in a slow swift motion. You watch countless horses grazing on the bounty of nature. Foals tear themselves across the turf in an uninhibited abandon.
The worst of the climb is behind you. Leisurely walk your way to Bedni Bugyal, 5 kms away and a mildly descending trail initially. If you are tempted to take off your shoes and allow the feel of the carpet on your toes, just go ahead and do it!
Towards the end of Ali Bugyal there's a short switchback climb of 20 minutes before the trail levels out to a gentle trail to Bedni Bugyal. It takes about an hour to get to Bedni Bugyal from this point.

Day 3: Bedni Bugiyal - Baghuabasa

(12 kms, 6 - 7 hrs)

Our morning is delightful today with views of great number of Himalayan peaks like Trishul, Nandaghungti. Chaukhamba, Kedardome and Nilkantha. The sight definitely energizes us all as we prepare to hit the trail. We can see our route through the mountains as we are above tree line now. The trail looks flatish with lots of swings. asily we reach Ghora Lotani.
From Ghora Lotani, Patharnachauni is an easy trail too, gradually climbing up slowly. It is marked by the green trekker's hut. From here our climb becomes tougher as we now start negotiating the climb to Kullu Vinayak, which is a 2 hour steep zig zag climb. This trek tests our mental stamina and physical health. The top is marked by a small temple of lord Ganesha.
Baghua Basa is an easy walk from here. The trail gently climbs down and take a slow left turn to reach Baghua Basa marked by the green huts.
Its a grand campsite. Enjoy the beauty around !!

Day 4: Baghuabasa - Roopkund- Junairagali pass - Sheela Samudra

(12km approx)

Today is a special day for us. We begin our climb to Roopkund which takes us around 3 hours. The trail climbs up steadily and the last stretch is a good steep climb for an hour. Roopkund is witnessed by its circular shape filled with turquiose colored water and skeletons scattered all around. We spend sometime resting and enjoying the place.
We are to cross the Junargali and hence do not have much time to kill. Much difficult task is ahead and we get ready for it. As soon as we start, we are up against a very steep wall of hard snow climbing upto the Junargali top. A normal shoe without any technique cannot climb it. We use our ropes and ice axes to ensure safety before we start negotiating it. A concentrated effort of some 30 minutes brings us to the top of the pass. Standing at 5150 meters, there is no doubt about the magestic views of the valley it has to offer.. From here, the massif of Trishul is visible from ground to summit. Nandaghunti and Ronti Saddle too shows up full.
The descend from the pass top to Sheela Samudra is a sharp one initially which requires good concentration. Snow makes it further trickier. Its best advised to follow the trusted steps of your guide here.. Around 2 hours of continuous descend brings us to our campsite marked by a huge boulder which acts like a wind shield.
Its been a tiring but rewarding day. So rest out the rest of it glancing the beauty of the great mt. Trishul which is so close by.

Day 5: Sheela Samudra - Dodang

(8km, 5 hrs.)

We start off slowly and soon find ourself crossing the boulders of Sheela Samudra. We witness numeric tarns of the once mighty glacier. The route then follows the Nandakini river climbing gradually up, though some part of the trail is unmarked and very slipery with almost no trail. We need to be careful in these sections.
Our campsite is marked by a huge boulder forming a cave. Look back at Junargali from here and you will be thrilled. Rest the day out.

Day 6: Dodang - Homekund - Ronti Saddle - Dodang

(10 km, 5 - 6 hrs.)

Its a difficult day today as we hit the trail to reach our goal for this trek - The Ronti Saddle. We start early and start to climb. After some easy trek we come acros a sharp ridge breaking down from its right hand side, almost like a 90 degree slab of mud. We take the trail little downside on the left side of the ridge which looks safer. The rigde slowly turns to right to bring you to Homkund.
After offering prayers, we start to climb up the steep snowy climb to the Ronti Saddle. Initial scrambles and walk over the boulders for some 2 kilometers and then zig zakking through the snow field, its a 2 hour steep and strenous climb from Homkund.
The views offered from the top of Ronti Saddle is breath taking. Ronti Peaks 1, 2 ; Trishul 1, 2, 3 ; Nanda Ghungti ; Dronagiri looks just amazing and a sight only the lucky few gets. The summit of Nandaghungti looks quite teasing from this point. We spend as much time as possible keeping the weather in mind, as this is the day and the place we worked hard for, all these days !!
We start to descend the same route and it takes us couple of hours to reach Do Dang from here. We have returned with a fulfilling experience and the sight and achievement does not leave our mind.

Day 7: Dodang - Chandaniya Ghat - Latakhopri

(16 km, 6 hrs.)

This is an eventful day with a river crossing to do. Its a long day and the river crossing is the trickier part. Once thats done, we take it easy to reach our campsite at Lata Khopri. Its a beautiful campsite amidst the deep jungle.
With all views blocked by the jungle, today is the time to do some macro photography.

Day 8: Lata Khopri - Sutol

(12 kms, 4 hrs.)

The descend down to Sutol is a picturesque one which descends down through the forest. Sutol is a beautiful village with a temple, shop and few homes. Do use your camera to the fullest as after a hard trek, you get to see some locals, houses, river, bridge, temples, domestic animals and converstations with the locals. You may chose to take a bath in the river as well.

Day 9: Sutol - Sitel - Ghat

(1331m, 1 hour)

Our descend back to civilazation ends today as we hit the trail with great energy. There comes few shops on the way where we can satisfy our crunch for normal eateries. About 4 hours of walk get you down to the motor head where your cab will be waiting to take you down to Ghat, where our trek ends.
It has been a wonderful trek with wonderful people all around and offcourse the Mighty and Godly Himalayas were there always to motivate and support you. Congratulations for completing a wonderful trek.